Alice Wiggins

Vice President, Program Design

Alice Wiggins has close to 30 years of experience applying instructional design principles and adult learning theory to the development of training and development materials across various domains. As Vice President, Program Design, Alice focuses on ensuring cohesive instructional design across all of our products and offerings–including alignment to our organizational vision and approach. In previous roles, Alice was responsible for ELA partner engagement work, curriculum development, and supporting professional development programs for the Standards Institute. Alice is a passionate educator with a keen interest in equitable instruction that bridges the research to practice gap. Her research and writing includes the Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence and Teacher Handbook; Scaffolding With Storybooks: A Guide for Enhancing Young Children’s Language; An investigation of four hypotheses concerning the order by which 4-year-old children learn the alphabet letters; and Literacy Achievement and Assessment in Emergent Literacy. Alice’s interests and expertise in education are enhanced by her 15 years as a consultant and project manager in the private sector.