End the predictability of student outcomes by race, language, and socioeconomic status.

Today’s educators face a historic challenge. With engagement sliding, outcomes at risk, and students yearning for teaching that is affirming and meaningful, we need a fresh approach—one that feeds educators’ passion and fortifies instruction.

Our commitment to every learner unites us. UnboundEd works side-by-side with teachers, coaches, principals, and district leaders to ensure every student has access to grade-level, engaging, affirming, and meaningful — GLEAM™ — instruction. By cultivating the mindsets, knowledge, and skills at the heart of truly transformative teaching and learning, we can break the predictability of historic achievement patterns so all kids thrive. Let’s take the next step together.

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The GLEAM Hypothesis

Our GLEAM hypothesis states that only when a teacher’s mindset and planning are purposefully put into the service of grade-level, engaging, affirming, and meaningful instruction do we see the teacher actions and student experiences that exemplify culturally responsive and sustaining instruction.

Where Are You In Your GLEAM Journey?

Let’s take the next step together

GLEAM instruction - Set your GLEAM vision, plan for GLEAM, build GLEAM mindsets, make GLEAM Instruction, measure GLEAM

Set Vision

Leadership Institute

Leadership teams will:

  • Reflect on and assess your leadership practice as part of a shared community
  • Define and recognize GLEAM Leadership and explore how to best leverage time, money, and people for change
  • Foster cohesion and coherence to unlock your collective efficacy.

Build Mindsets

Standards Institute

Educators will learn:

  • Content-specific, grade-level standards deeply
  • To maintain academic rigor
  • How to make GLEAM instruction real

Local Summits

Teachers and leaders teams will:

  • Build understanding of educational inequities
  • Understand GLEAM instruction
  • Commit to actions aligned with GLEAM instruction

Shift Practice

Cohort Program

Leadership teams will:

  • Develop a plan to disrupt inequities
  • Build teams equipped to solve instructional challenges
  • Learn to operationalize GLEAM™ systemwide

GLEAM Inventory

Together, we will:

  • Build the mindsets and practices to implement GLEAM
  • Measure GLEAM with our Equitable Instruction Observation Tool
  • Turn data into action steps

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Together, we can ensure every student thrives. It starts with building a transformative vision tailored to your unique needs. Let’s talk.



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We design professional learning and support for educators at the district, school, and classroom levels.

UnboundEd’s evidence-informed services weave together standards, content, high-quality curricula, and culturally responsive instructional practices to catalyze student learning and close the opportunity gap. Our systemic approach enables change from the classroom to the central office, aligning each facet of education essential to bringing grade-level, engaging, affirming, and meaningful — GLEAM — instruction to life for every student in every classroom. We focus, in particular, on the needs of students who have historically been at the margins because when that happens, all students benefit.

Our approach involves everyone — teachers, coaches, principals, principal supervisors, coordinators of curriculum and professional development, and district leaders officers — because sustained change in our schools is only possible when we’re all invested in the outcome

The UnboundEd Difference

UnboundEd is unique in its ability to drive fundamental change at the core of instruction, changing outcomes for students who have historically been marginalized.


An unmatched focus on equity

When we focus on the students who have historically been pushed to the margins, all students benefit.


From the classroom to the central office

Transformation from daily classroom instruction to the systems level.


Comprehensive, evidence-informed approach

Our approach cultivates educators’ mindsets, knowledge, and skills so they are equipped to help every child thrive.

Grounded in Research

UnboundEd grounds its programs in research and develops them for maximum impact through the lens of Thomas Guskey’s five critical levels.

Guskey’s framework aims to organize professional development and all related system supports around a common instructional vision and ensure that all supporting components (e.g., including the curriculum, professional development, supervisory feedback, leadership vision, and related organizational and time-based structures) align to that vision.

We ground our programs in scholarship from areas such as culturally relevant teaching, teacher expectations and self-efficacy, effective school leadership, and best practices in English Language Arts and mathematics instruction. Our work also centers around the importance of, and the evidence base for, college- and career-readiness standards.