Our People

We are former teachers, administrators, curriculum writers, and researchers united by our desire to see every student thrive. We are UnboundEd.

  • Leadership
  • Board of Directors
  • Team
  • Our leaders are pioneers in the field with decades of experience supporting educators and improving outcomes for students.

    Bernard Chandler

    Chief of Staff

    Nadya Chinoy Dabby

    Chief Impact Officer

    Lakisha Covert

    Deputy Chief, Program Implementation & Delivery

    Kristen Ehlman

    Chief Program Officer

    Maya Goodall

    Chief Marketing Officer, CORE Learning

    Andrea Hancock

    Deputy Chief, Program Design and Development

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    Nolan Highbaugh

    General Counsel

    Scott Noon

    Deputy Chief, Marketing & Communications

    Stephen Lin

    Deputy Chief, Impact Research & Evaluation

    Johannah Kaplan

    Deputy Chief, Operations

    Lacey Robinson

    President and Chief Executive Officer, UnboundEd

    Expert speaker
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    Robert Sheffield

    Chief Growth Officer; President, CORE Learning

    Kristie Shelley

    Chief Product Officer, CORE Learning

    Laura Smith

    Chief Operating Officer

    Monica Vasquez

    Chief Talent & Organizational Development Officer

  • Our board is a group of changemakers and advisors who are committed to a future where every student thrives.

    Doug Borchard

    Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer, New Profit

    Sarah Brayton

    Senior Manager, Monitor Institute by Deloitte

    Todd Collins

    Managing Director, Tregaron Capital

    Sonjhia Lowery

    Sonjhia Lowery

    CEO and Founder, Just SCORE, Inc.

    Beth Mejia

    Partner, EdSolutions; Co-Founder, the Center for Education Market Dynamics

    Gislaine N. Ngounou

    Lacey Robinson

    President and Chief Executive Officer, UnboundEd

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  • Our team is deeply knowledgeable, passionate about teaching, and dedicated to the success of educators and their students.

    Thomas Acampora

    Director of Education Programs

    Tyler Allman

    Program Associate

    Jen Arberg

    Director, Mathematics Leadership

    Sean Arseo

    Senior Research Manager

    Rolanda Baldwin

    Vice President, Mathematics

    Expert speaker
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    Adrienne Baytops-Paul

    Specialist, Mathematics

    Sharone Brinkley-Parker

    Vice President, Research, Strategy & Evaluation

    Lauren Brunell

    Coordinator, Administrative Support

    Allison Bucklew

    Director, Program Design & Delivery

    Allison Carter

    Vice President, Curriculum Services

    Connie Chen

    Director, Finance Operations

    Jayson Cheung

    Director, Visual Content

    Chris Clark

    Senior Manager, Curriculum Services

    Erica Coca

    Director, Talent Operations

    Arielle Davies

    Arielle Davies

    Director, Product Development

    Brian Dean

    Director, Mathematics Leadership

    Patti DeMatteo

    Manager, Speaking Engagements

    Taisha Dickerson

    Coordinator, Contracts & Finance

    Valery Dragon

    Vice President, Leadership Programs

    Expert speaker
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    Samantha DeSilva

    Samantha Dsilva

    Executive Assistant

    Madaline Edison

    Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

    Erin Endreson

    Manager, Strategic Growth

    Jason Epting

    Director, Facilitator Engagement

    Brittany Flurry

    Specialist, Qualitative Research

    Desiré Freeman

    Specialist, ELA

    Sophie Green

    Director, Growth & Strategy Operations

    Johana Guardado

    Program Associate


    Leah Guevara

    Director, Business Operations

    Altaaf Habibulla

    Manager, Finance

    Lina Chopra Haldar

    Director, Impact, Research, & Evaluation

    Jimmy Han

    Director, Project Management

    Jessica Harrell

    Director, Science

    Erick Harrison

    Erick Harrison

    IT Manager

    Adelfa Hegarty

    Manager, Literacy Partnerships

    Aliza Husain

    Vice President of Research & Evaluation

    Faaria Hussain

    Communications & Development Associate

    Sharmia Jones

    Manager, Business Development and Sales Enablement

    Jenna Johnson

    Director, Instructional Design

    Jessica Johnson

    Director, Partnerships

    Suruchi Keenheel

    Vice President, Program Implementation

    Taknauth Khilawan

    Vice President, Finance Operations

    Kelsey Kidwell

    Marketing Manager

    Doe Kim

    Director, Leadership Programs

    Jenn Kraisan

    Director, Partnerships

    Maryia Krivoruchko

    Director, Innovation

    Connie Landinez

    Director, Program Implementation & Delivery

    Briana Lupica

    Manager, Talent & Culture

    Michaelle McCastle

    Senior Vice President, Partnership Success

    Jamahr McDaniel

    Jamahr McDaniel

    Senior Director, Curriculum Services

    Lauren Milam

    Director, Research & Evaluation

    Jignasha Pandya

    Vice President, Strategic Growth

    Shaterika Parks

    Director, Staffing

    Cynthia Pollard

    Manager, Research & Evaluation

    Shakiela Richardson

    Senior Director, Leadership Pathways & Teacher Prep

    Expert speaker
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    Tahara Roberts

    Coordinator, Talent Operations

    Amy Rudat

    Senior Director, English Language Arts

    Steve Sebelski

    Senior Director, Mathematics

    Morgan Sheppard

    Program Manager, Innovation

    Gabr'l Stackhouse

    Director, Curriculum Services

    Sunday Steele

    Managing Director, Curriculum Services

    Kathleen Stevens

    Director, Curriculum Services

    Raquel Talley

    Manager, Facilitator Engagement

    Donald Tate

    Director, Marketing & Communications

    Khaleiah Taylor

    Director, Partner Success

    LeAndrea Taylor

    ELA Specialist

    Sarah Murphy Traylor

    Program Manager, Curriculum Services

    Sierah Tyson

    Senior Director, Cohort Programs

    Expert speaker
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    Muzical Clark Waite

    Manager, Literacy Projects

    Randy Westbrook

    Randy Westbrook


    Alice Wiggins

    Vice President, Instructional Design & Products

    Clay Willis

    Director, Marketing & Communications

    Lauren Wolford

    Manager, Program Implementation & Delivery

    Amber Woods

    Specialist, Science

    Edwina Woods

    Director, Curriculum Services