Sean Arseo

Research & Development Manager

Sean leverages the power of data analytics to challenge systemic injustice and promote community empowerment. At UnboundEd, Sean oversees a portfolio of applied research projects to innovatively support educators that include measuring school districts’ stability and evaluating the usability of instructional materials. He also garners insights from unique and existing research to inform programmatic teams’ practices. Before joining the team, he applied his expertise in family and community engagement, California education policy, and social scientific methods to draw lessons about a range of topics, from how school districts foster professional learning networks to their COVID-19 responses.

Sean’s matriculation through California public schools inspired a lifelong passion for the state’s education system. He graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a minor in American Indian Studies. He later worked as a teaching assistant at a San Diego charter school. For his dissertation research, he studied how school districts implemented the Local Control Funding Formula’s stakeholder engagement requirements. He earned his Doctorate in Sociology at the University of California, Davis in September 2021.