Math Leader Collaborative

Transform your math leadership. Spark a future where all students thrive in mathematics.

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With the right structures in place, every student can be good at math.

This semester-long professional learning journey equips school-based instructional teams to build strong math identities and become confident leaders of math instruction. Participants will spend 20 hours in virtual learning.

Designed for K–12 school teams, the Math Leader Collaborative (MLC) will redefine the way you approach leading and supporting mathematics in your building. Whether you’re already comfortable with math or still building your instructional foundation, MLC provides the tools and frameworks for becoming a stronger math instructional leader.

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Participants will spend 20 hours in virtual learning.

Throughout the experience, school teams will:

  • Engage in critical conversations about math instruction planning, practices, and mindsets, compelling a shift of the current professional learning communities (PLC) structures in favor of more equitable math instruction and outcomes for students.
  • Leverage PLC to enhance, reinforce, and sustain GLEAM math instruction across all math classrooms.
  • Develop and employ a math PLC plan aligned to GLEAM to guide and assist teachers in planning and delivering GLEAM math instruction.

Participants will leave the training better able to:

  • Recognize GLEAM math instructional practices.
  • Apply key components of GLEAM-aligned professional learning communities (PLC) to plan and deliver an optimal student experience in mathematics effectively.
  • Leverage PLC structures to improve the state of GLEAM math instruction in their schools.

Who is this for?

MLC is designed for K-12 school-based math instructional teams (including principals, assistant principals, instructional coaches, teacher leaders, etc.)

The tools and work we've done not only empowers me as teacher, but will undoubtedly empower students in their own learning.

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