Maya Goodall

Chief Marketing Officer, CORE Digital Products

Maya Valencia Goodall is a visionary entrepreneur in education who brings over two decades of expertise to the intersection of bilingual literacy, language acquisition, and educational technology. As co-founder of OL&LA (Online Language & Literacy Academy) at CORE Learning, her focus is on developing literacy professional development that seamlessly integrates Structured Literacy with Second Language Acquisition to help educators deliver equitable literacy instruction to all learners. Her expertise spans educational theory, LX design, and practical classroom application, always with a focus on honoring students’ diverse language backgrounds and experiences.

Before CORE Learning, Maya co-founded Lingual Learning, a curriculum company committed to empowering students to become confidently bilingual. This venture was later acquired by Rosetta Stone/Lexia Learning, where Maya and the team developed the award-winning program, Lexia English—recognized for using speech recognition technology and culturally relevant avatars with authentic accents to immerse students in English learning through conversation.

Maya’s academic background, a Master of Arts in Education and a Master of Education in Applied Linguistics, laid the foundation for her innovative educational solutions dedicated to equity and intersectionality. Beyond her professional pursuits, Maya’s love for cultural exploration includes fashion, travel, and time with her family.