Brittany Flurry

Research & Development Specialist

Brittany Flurry is a storyteller at heart, and that is the lens through which she views data analysis. A classically trained actor with her BFA from Texas State University who studied abroad with the Royal Shakespeare Company, Brittany has taught acting for film and stage to teens and adults for over a decade. This actor, writer, producer, and performance coach turned data nerd began that journey while assisting Babs George in running The Actor’s School through Austin Community College’s Continuing Education program. She found joy and further purpose in finding the human elements within data and sharing the story it tells. Brittany saw the powerful changes in analyzing data from student feedback and experiences, making changes to curriculum and classes, and seeing the results in student learning and achievement. She is honored to expand that work with UnboundEd and provide actionable and insightful data to tell the story of participants experiencing the vital mission of this organization and the message of GLEAM™, because “Justice is found in the details of teaching and learning®.”