Thomas Acampora

Director, Literacy Projects

Thomas Acampora has over 15 years of experience working in and with schools to improve outcomes for students. He began his career as a high school social studies teacher in Baltimore City, where he was named Maryland’s History Teacher of the Year in 2008. Thomas left the classroom to be a facilitator and manager at the Center for the Social Organization of Schools at Johns Hopkins University. At JHU, Thomas led teams of educational professionals that worked with middle and high schools to improve graduation rates by creating powerful and nimble systems of student support, including small learning communities, early warning systems, positive behavior supports and restorative practices. He has managed and oversaw successful transformation plans that include a wide variety of partners and efforts at multiple schools across the country, ensuring coherent, effective, and sustained school improvement in the ABCs (Attendance, Behavior, Course Performance). He also helped to design, launch, and expand United Way of Central Maryland’s On Track 4 Success program that improved outcomes for students in multiple middle and high schools in and around Baltimore City.

Thomas has a deep and abiding passion for teaching and learning and reducing inequities in education and a strong belief that every student can achieve and be successful if given the right support at the right time. He earned his undergraduate degree in History at Hamilton College and completed his Master of Art in Teaching at Johns Hopkins University.