3 Tools for Engaged School Leaders

January 24, 2018

Leadership requires us to steadily build and reassess our character as well as the skills we need to inspire and collaborate with others. As leaders, we must adapt our mindset and tools to fit the diverse environments we work in and all the individuals we serve.

Your growth as a leader has an impact on student learning and can help your school move toward equitable outcomes for all students. Here are three tools commonly used during Leadership Pathway at Standards Institute. We invite you to download and adapt them to your school.

Instructional Video Observation Protocol

This video observation protocol outlines four steps leaders and their teams can take to see what the standards and shifts look like in any grade band.



Content Coaching: Unbound

This tool contains content-specific questions that leaders and coaches can use to improve teachers’ understanding of the standards and shifts.



Organizational Systems and Structures

This tool applies to any grade band and helps leaders diagnose the system of literacy development that they have in place in their school or district.


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