Interview with Dr. Andrew Chen

December 6, 2017

The math standards can help more students progress, but only if teachers understand them. To help more teachers use the math standards effectively, UnboundEd asked Dr. Andrew Chen, President of EduTron, to discuss the math standards and the type of instruction they require.

In this podcast, Dr. Chen explains:

  • The standards from a historical context and how key turning points still resonate in our mathematical practices.
  • What the instructional shift of coherence means with regard to  the standards and why it matters for your students’  progression
  • How teachers can use the math standards to prepare students for college and careers.
  • Why mathematics is ruthlessly cumulative and how you can use the standards to help students close gaps in their knowledge.
  • How ‘productive struggle builds students’ mental muscle and motivates them to solve complex problems.
  • How teachers can use cues to help content and practice standards work together coherently.

Dr. Andrew Chen served on the Common Core Standards Development Team in mathematics and is currently on the Advisory Board of the National Council on Teacher Quality. He also provides high-quality professional development Intensive Immersion Institutes (I3) in mathematics and science to teachers at all levels. Dr. Chen is a former a professor and principal research scientist at MIT.

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Big Idea

“How can you use the standards to foster positive mindsets and structures for students to progress in mathematics?”


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