Six Reasons You Should Register for UnboundEd’s Multilingual Learner Pathway

August 2, 2022

We are excited to share our newest pathway offering: the English Language Arts (ELA)/Multilingual Learner (MLL) Pathway! We are debuting this pathway at our upcoming Virtual Summit on August 9-10. We hope you will join us by registering here

Want to learn more? Here are six reasons you should register for our ELA/Multilingual Learner Pathway in August:

1. You want to bring GLEAM™ to life for your multilingual learners.

In the ELA/Multilingual Learner Pathway, you will discuss and deepen your understanding of the tenets of GLEAM™, focusing on making PreK- 3 ELA grade-level instruction that is engaging, affirming, and meaningful accessible for multilingual learners. Through analysis of lesson plans and instructional videos, you will understand how elements of GLEAM™ are identified and connected to decisions about how and when to use scaffolds for multilingual learners. Come away with a better understanding of how cultural responsiveness can encourage language development, as well as how educators can maintain an asset orientation: ensuring that multilingual learners bring their language, culture, and whole selves to school every day.

2. You want to place your work with multilingual learners in historical context.

When you join us, you will learn about the marginalization that multilingual learners have faced in our schools throughout history. Get to know how the historical systems, policies, and practices of educating multilingual students in the U.S. show up today in current systems, policies, practices, and materials for educating multilingual learners. Hold discussions and learn about resources to spur the activism we can all undertake to form inclusive educational spaces in our schools.

3. You want practical strategies for multilingual learners that can work with English Langauge Arts (ELA) standards-aligned instructional materials.

Too often, professional learning experiences can dwell in the land of “big ideas.” Looking in from a 35,000-foot view has its place and discussing concepts is important, but you need takeaways that you can start using as soon as you are back in your classroom. In the ELA/Multilingual Learner Pathway, you will get a full, nuanced picture of inclusive learning through actual PreK-3rd grade ELA lesson plans and real classroom video clips. You will learn the difference between scaffolds and modifications, focusing on how scaffolds impact the GLEAM™ instructional experience for multilingual learners. You will be exposed to a host of concrete supports and entry points for multilingual learners that are classroom-ready; you can start using them tomorrow!

4. You are a building leader that wants to make a difference for multilingual learners in your school.

Now, more than ever, schools need to be welcoming, inclusive places where multilingual learners thrive. If you are a principal, administrator, or coach, you play a pivotal role in determining the kinds of learning environments your multilingual learners experience. The ELA/Multilingual Learner Pathway provides case studies, lesson artifacts, and classroom footage that you can use to craft a vision for your school that is inclusive and brings the power of GLEAM™ to all students. Come away with a new perspective on what high-quality instruction for multilingual learners looks like, in addition to strategies and commitments for bringing it to life at your school. Through close collaboration in breakout rooms, you will build community with other leaders and form professional relationships that will help you to lead for change.

5. You’ve been to a Virtual Summit before and are looking for new ways to grow.

Are you excited by the growth and community you’ve experienced with UnboundEd’s professional learning? Looking for the next steps you can take to push your practice further? The ELA/Multilingual Learner Pathway will offer new insights and access points for the tenets of GLEAM™ instruction, deeper understanding of the difference between scaffolds and modifications, and fresh ways to bring standards-aligned materials to life in service of equity for PreK-3 ELA learners. Take the opportunity to reflect on your current beliefs about multilingual learners and continue to cultivate mindsets that will bring justice to your classroom. Immersion with new ideas and colleagues will set you on a path for a revitalized and rejuvenated start to the new school year!

6. You’re committed to making change for multilingual learners in ELA instruction and are looking for community

In addition to conceptual framing, concrete artifacts, and ready-to-use strategies, our ELA/Multilingual Learner Pathway is all about community. Expertly facilitated by experienced UnboundEd team members with years of experience, you’ll be immersed in whole-group and small-group breakout discussions with ample opportunity to learn from the work others are doing. You’ll be invited to reflect independently and share commitments with your learning partners. And of course, you will receive the gift of partnership for further learning and accountability as you continue to keep in touch and connect with colleagues long after the summit!

Interested? Register for the final Virtual Summit of 2022 HERE for $675 per person to join us virtually on August 9-10.