Promoting Self-Care and Resistance in Education with Rita Kohli | The LP: EP 8

June 7, 2023

The term “teachers of color” refers to educators who do not identify as white, encompassing diverse racial and ethnic groups. Despite their unique backgrounds, teachers of color share the experience of underrepresentation. With only 20% of teachers being teachers of color, they face challenges like invisibility and pressure to conform to racist education norms. Join us as we explore Professor Rita Kohli’s book, Teachers of Color: Resisting Racism and Reclaiming Education, highlighting their stories, promoting self-care, resistance, and innovative teaching. Discover the collective experiences of teachers of color and their journey towards equitable education.

Key Takeaways

  • Counterstory is valuable: It serves as research, reclamation, and retaliation against biased narratives about educators of color.
  • Diversity alone is not enough: Equitable instruction requires more than just having a diverse teaching staff. Retention and authentic reception are crucial for lasting impact.
  • Consider collective experiences: Reflect on both the classroom and the broader professional and student communities to inform your teaching approach.
  • Racialization, resistance, and re-imagination in the world of teaching and professional development are powerful testimonies of what is, and what could be, should we choose to lean in on the talents and innovation of educators of color. With folks like Rita leading the charge, I look forward to the process.